Atlanteans (also known as the Original Humans or Golden Men) were a sentient, Titan-engineered species. They are the distant ancestors and predecessors of modern humans. Physically, the appearance of an Atlantean depend on the era, as they have been cursed following the War of Betrayal.

Early Atlanteans tended toward extreme appearances, as they were bred to be, in part, toys and pets for their Titan masters. Like colorful exotic fish, they came in a variety of colors and odd appearances. Their skin was smooth, in a variety of hues, from dark ebony to pale ivory and their features thin. Atlanteans had four genders; male, female, hermaphrodite and genderless, as the Titans amused themselves by molding their slaves, with the latter eventually being phased out. Since Atlanteans were not engineered for physical tasks, they were notably physically weaker than modern humans, giving most of them a very small and slight build.

Late Atlanteans ressemble what one would expect of earlier hominids; shorter, hairier, with a more prominent brow.