The Boston Dissolution Event was and still is the most costly Gigant-based loss of life in the southern hemisphere, resulting in the total abandonment of the city due to massive infrastructure damage, flooding, and the inserting of an unknown quantity of Gigantes into the surrounding ecosystem by Typhon, Progenitor-King of the Gigantes.

Lead up to the EventEdit

This is Elysia Amartía of NECN, please stop all activities and comply with this alert. A Gigant emergence warning was issued by the National Weather Service for the the coastal regions of Massachusetts at 3:30 p.m. United Nations personnel are mandating everyone to seek immediate shelter a minimum of twenty miles inland until further notice.

This is Elysia Amartía of NECN, reporting in. The National Weather Service has reported the Gigant identified as Typhon is approaching the Boston area. Estimated time of arrival is 4:00 p.m. Seek shelter a minimum of twenty miles inland immediately. Follow instructions from emergency personnel. Please limit phone use so phone lines are available for emergency messaging. Standby for additional messages.

Avoid the area of Boston as of 4:05 p.m. The US Navy is engaging Typhon off the coast of Boston. The city's destruction is eminent. All individuals within city should evacuate immediately. Repeat, all individuals within the city should evacuate immediately. Police and Security officers have been stationed at certain points on campus to direct traffic and assist individuals. This is Elysia Amartía of NECN on-site, please evacuate immediately. This footage is being broadcast by our emergency news team along the perimeter of the city, and will continue to be shown until Typhon approaches or leaves. An evacuation team has reached NECN HQ as of 4:45, so this is Elysia Amartía signing out and hoping to be back to broadcast tomorrow.

Aftermath of the EventEdit

The one-sided loss of Boston to Typhon, the largest and most powerful Gigant on record, prompted a massive reform of Anti-Gigant countermeasures in the United States. Usage of H.E. warheads became a mainstay due to being the only weapon capable of damaging Typhon signifigantly, a fact that was made known only after the monster plowed through a naval ship armed with one and caused its premature detonation. Although plans have been made, no action has been made to reconstruct the city due to the likelihood of it being attacked a second time. Many survivors have been institutionalized due to mental and physical instability.

Known SurvivorsEdit