Enforcers (sometimes erroneously collectively called Bajoks) is the name given by UNTEC to a large category of related sentient beigns engineered by the Titans. Enforcers share a physiology very similar to humans and the two are capable of producing viable offsprings. As such, there is a sizeable amount of the modern human population with Enforcer ancestry. While physically varied in appearance due to their mutations, the average, healthy Enforcer ressemble a stocky, robust and muscular human. Their skin range is similar to human, leaning toward darker skin tone with a tinge of red. Their hair is often black and coarse. Males can grow facial hair. However due to their rampant mutations, few can pass for humans.

They reach adulthood by the age of thirteen, growing at a rate slightly faster than humans. Individual Enforcer communities share what might be considered a hivemind, in which they are able to subtly communicate vast amounts of information with gestures that are deceptively subtle, almost a refined sort of body language that includes facial ticks, hand gestures, and other equally obscure things.


Enforcers are subject to something akin to a racial cancer. The various sub-species are subject, to a varied degree, to wild genetic mutations. There are two strains, one worse than the other, resulting in two castes within the race that supersedes gender roles. The first caste's roles usually include childcare, scouting, manipulation of fragile equipment, and other more sedentary roles. The shorter-lived caste, which is subject to massive and often highly asymmetrical growth spurts and callous-like growths that can easily be mistaken as armor, are the mainstay warriors of the race. While by no means unintelligent, they often lack the fine motor skills for regular activity, but make up for it with horrifying levels of brute strength. This isn't to say that one of the first caste can't simply be better suited to combat, and vice-versa.


While all seemingly part of the same species, there are many sub-types of Enforcers, each varied in appearance and culture.


The Bajoks are a population of enforcers living mostly in Russia. Their society and hivemind is centered on Athena, whom they worship. While all enforcers tend to develop growths on their bodies, Bajoks are notable for their hard, scale-like growths both inside and outside of their skin, giving them a somewhat reptilian appearance. These plates often further extend into jagged blades, spurs and thorns of bone that erupt from their skin.


Enforcers native to japan and the russian coast, they are distant relatives of the Bajok. Oni are notable for their large size. While most enforcers tend more toward a stout, sturdy appearance, Oni mutate more toward a towering, overly muscular frame. Their skin often turn an unnatural color with age, such as red, purple or even blue. Tusks, horns and large bulbous glowing eyes are common features, making them appear similar to their mythological namesakes, which they more than likely inspired.


Wendingos are the Enforcers native to North America, most notably the canadian north. These enforcers are notable for their albinism and shaggy fur, their most common mutation. Wendigos tend to mutate toward a more feral appearance, more mammalian than reptilian compared to the Bajoks. They often have sharp claws on both their hands and feets, as well as equally sharp teeth.


Human-Enforcer hybrids are known to exist and both species can interbreed without any known major problem. While much less prone to mutations, both beneficial and detrimental, hybrids are capable of becoming mediums to an Olympian and, thus, capable of piloting. The only hybrid (not counting people with Enforcer ancestors) known so far is the half-Bajok Fa. Human traits are always dominant in human crossbreeds.