A Non-Playable Character and the pilot of Hestia, the Olympian.


Small-framed but sturdy, scruffy brown hair that goes no farther than the shoulders, irises an indistinct green, a light tan to otherwise fair skin. The sort of person you might walk by on the way to school or work every day without stopping to ask their name or even remembering them once you’ve reached your destination. There’s simply nothing special about her; the most distinctive thing about her is the glasses she more often than not forgets to even wear... Especially now that the Titanes got ahold of her. 


Hestia's Medium was tracked down by the Titanes and abducted, following their acquisition of the Olympian. Psychologically broken beyond recognition, the girl was grafted into her tortured Olympian and shackled outside their base of operations to act as a rabid guard dog.