Server (sometimes erroneously collectively called Rabokji) is the name given by UNTEC to a large category of related sentient beigns engineered by the Titans as a slave race. Servers share a general similarity to humans and the two are capable of reproducing together. They are varied in appearance, however most generally ressemble small, lithe and vaguely androgynous humanoids with large eyes. Servers are comparable, in many respects, to nymphs of Greek mythology.



Rabokji are Servers native to Northern Europe and Russia and as such interact with the Bajok. They are an agrarian society. Rabokji have skin in shades of yellow, mostly wheat or gold-colored. Their eyes are mostly in dark shades of brown and orange. They are physically small and androgynous-looking and usually bald. Ritual scarification and mutilation is common in the form of 'anchors' attached to their back, symbolically representing the enslavement of their ancestors.


Mali are Servers native to the Amazonian forest. Physically, they ressemble the Rabokji albeit with a darker skin tone, one that range from orange to dark brown. Their elongated limbs and thin, sharp features coupled with their colorful feathery clothing make them ressemble birds.


Human-Server crossbreeding are perfectly viable and have been known to happen in the past. Currently, there are no known hybrids, safe for people with distant ancestry. It is not known what they would look like, but one can assume it would be a blend of both parent's traits. Human traits are always dominant in human crossbreeds.