The War of Betrayal is the name given to the global battle between the Betrayers and briefly Awakened Olympians against the majority of the Titanes. The creation of Earth's Moon happening as a result of actions taken on both sides, it is the truth behind the Giant Impact Hypothesis.


With preparations having been made for centuries, the Betrayers successfully usurped the Rite of New Beginnings intended to revitalize Ouranos and bind its power to Atlantis, instead reversing the flow of souls to empower the Olympians to monstrous proportions. With the Betrayers envisioning, realizing, and utilizing the celestial body that would become the Earth's Moon, it was crashed bodily into the planet to splinter reality, they disappeared into obscurity. Following the cataclysmic battle, Atlantis had fallen to Tartarus, most of the Olympians were broken, and the Titanes -- still recoiling from the treachery -- were imprisoned within Tartarus. Briefly stirred, Ouranos exerted his influence over the newly born Tartarus to turn it into a desolate wasteland to insult the Titanes with the emptiness.


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